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Defend Planet Earth from Evil Robots with Robot Clash Run,
The Addictive Gaming App Now Available in the iOS App Store

Boston, MA- July 21, 2016. Shekoo Games is pleased to announce the release of Robot Clash Run, a gaming app that enables users to save the world by combating monstrous robots and drones. This exciting new app is hard to put down due to it's vivid animations and challenging battles. Robot Clash Run provides gamers with a unique gaming experience, in which users can run at the speed of light, kick drones out of the sky, and soar miles into the air with jetpacks. Special powers are also available, heightening gamers' strength and ability to tackle robots.

Robot Clash Run was created with action gamers in mind. This intriguing app is best at providing consumers with a fast-paced, intuitive game that leaves users eager to come back for more. At the touch of a button, users are able to fuel up and take on the enemies head first. There are constant updates that include the addition of new worlds to save. These updates ensure that there will always be a new place to protect. Another one-of- a-kind feature of Robot Clash Run is the spy robots.

These sneaky bots are lurking in hidden places to jump out and attack on a moment's notice. Gamers have to be quick on their feet to attack these villains, adding to the suspense of the game. Launch missiles to knock the hidden robots to the ground and show them who really dominates the world. This game is truly thrilling and can be played anytime, anywhere, as wifi is not necessary for gameplay.

A spokesperson for Robot Clash Run states, "This game is an engaging, exciting way to transport gamers into this fantastical world. The ultimate fate of planet Earth is up to the gamer each time they open Robot Clash Run, incentivizing players to demolish any source of evil in a timely manner." Furthermore, he states, "Our latest updates have provided users with even more worlds to defend. Now, gamers have the duty of keeping Asian Town and Military Base safe from robots and drones."

Robot Clash Run is now available for free in the iOS App Store. For more information, visit their website at http://www.theshekoo.com/.

About Shekoo Games:
Shekoo Games was founded by Abhishek Gupta. The inspiration for this app came from Gupta's desire to create a fun, engaging game for people worldwide. This company strives for excellence in all of their apps in order to provide users with the most unique gaming experience. This is best being accomplished with the recent and exciting development of Robot Clash Run.

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